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Disclosure of Designated Agent
Residential Listing Part1.
Residential Listing Part2.
Add'l Short Sale Docs
Residential 6.1 Sales Contract
Oakley Sign Install/Remove
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CSS Showing Solutions Solutions
Residential Lease Listing
MORe Residential Lease
Listing Modification Form
Net Sheet Example
Prop Sales Info Sheet
Commission Disbursement
Closing Letter to Buyers
Closing Letter to Sellers
Agent/Office Phone #s
Agent Supplies
W9 -RealStar's Information
Service Partners Example

Mainstreet Organization of Realtors
Illinois Association of Realtors
Illinois Department of Professional Regulation
Other Links & Forms
IL Seller Disclosure Form
IL Radon Disclosure Form
IL Mold Disclosure Form
Lead Paint Disclosure
LBP Pamphlet for Clients
Contract Amendment & Notice
Dual Agency Addendum
Buyer Representation Form
Ministerial Acts
Notice of No Agency

MORe Forms
VA/FHA Amendment
FSBO Commission Co-op
Buyer Representation
Listing Vacant Land
Vacant Land Sales Contract

Credit Check Application
Mutual Cancellation Form
RealStar Inspection Form
Exclusive Agency Addendum
Aurora Property Form
Bolingbrook Property Form
MLS Exemption Form
Listing Protocol
All parties sign and initial all documents (use dark pen) including:
  • Listing Agreement
  • Seller’s Disclosure (even investors must complete the seller’s disclosure)
  • Radon disclosure
  • Mold Disclosure
  • Dual Agnecy (always)
  • Lead Paint Disclosure (if needed)
  • City Occupancy Disclosure (it's up to you to check).
Inform sellers of the next ‘steps’ you are going to take to list their property.
Procedures you should follow: Listing Protocol Checklist
In a cover email send your clients this link

Sale and Contract Protocol. (most of this applies to both Buyers and Sellers)
All parties sign and initial all documents.
Dual Agency: get signatures of sellers and buyers on this form. Also have the parties initial Confirmation of Consent to Dual Agency section of the contract.
If it's your buyer you must attend the inspection. This is office policy.
Input into Contract database (print Property Sales Info Sheet and verify all information).
Create a property folder and complete the label.
Put the entire file back in file cabinet.
All correspondence you receive from attorney, lender, inspector, etc. must be placed in the file cabinet.
DO NOT place copies of checks in the file that you receive with offers (on your listings). It does not count unless actually in our possession. Several times agents have gone so far as to complete Disbursement Forms without the buyer ever sending us the EM. Without having earnest money in our possession you are not doing your due diligence for your client. In the event either party argues over earnest money returns you would be in violation of license law and could be fined from the state.
If it is our listing update the MLS and the Listed database to indicate the property is under contract.
Provide association bylaws and docs to your client’s attorney.
Complete a Just Sold mailing if you wish.
Make sure home inspection gets completed.
Make sure appraisal gets completed.
Procedures you should follow: Contract Protocol Checklist
In a cover email send your clients this or something similar- Congratulations on your contract. You may have bought and sold before but here is a link to remind you of what happens next

Closing Protocol
In a cover email send your clients closing letter link (see left column) and this or something similar- We are coming down to the wire for your closing. You may have bought and sold before but here is a link to remind you of what happens next.
Take down sign & riders 3-5 days before closing.
Remove lockbox and get key to other agent. (Drop it off or tell them where to get it)
Order sign pole removed.
Email or Fax Closing Disbursement Fee Sheet to attorney and/or title company.
Order home warranty if necessary.
If your buyer: Do walk through prior to close.
You should attend the closing. It gets you in front of new people and potential business.
After closing provide copy of signed HUD (no prelim), copy of commission check (and original) plus Information Sheet to bookkeeping.
Place copy of signed HUD (no prelim) and copy of commission check in file in cabinet
Complete a Just Closed mailing if you wish.
Close record in MLS.
Print out copy from Listed and Contract database and delete record from each.
Place client info in your past client database if you have one.
NOTE: No agent commissions will be cut without signed HUD, copy of commission check (and original) plus Information Sheet, listing agreement (if applicable), sales contract and all relevant disclosures being in the file for office audit/review.

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